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Not in this alone

2013 Estados Unidos

Quais foram seus sentimentos em relação ao aborto(s)?

One of the most difficult choices I have ever had to make. It brings on a multitude of emotions. I have one 8 year old child already who is my world and means everything to me. On one hand I feel I am terrible for giving up the chance to have another and on the other hand I feel I can not physically mentally or emotionally handle another as I am a single mom (in a committed relationship) who is responsible for the roof over our heads and everything that comes with it. My previous two abortions were with my son's dad who was abusive and controlling towards me before I left him.

Como fez o aborto?

Having an unwanted pregnancy is an overwhelming and emotionally draining experience. The option to have a medical abortion in the comfort of my home has taken a tremendous weight off of my shoulders.

Como era a sua situação nessa altura?

This is my third medical abortion and while I am not proud of it I am supportive of it as a choice for women. Every woman has her own story and her own personal situation to consider with an unplanned pregnancy. Some people might say you are not responsible or that a real woman would find a way. The truth is that a real woman will assess her situation and consider every one involved in her situation and be strong enough to make a decision that she will be judged for and live with for the rest of her life regardless of which path she chooses.

Como as outras pessoas reagiram ao seu aborto?

Mostly supportive but they also acted like it should be kept a secret.


Qual é a sua religião?

A alexandra

Mi futuro, mi familia

Mariana Leitão

A tal história do “ engravidei por acidente” é real!


I had a Medical Abortion - Painful Experience, Life Changing

R. P.

Força, meninas, que tudo se ajeita!

Ana Luiza

A ironia entre abortar e renascer.


My abortion was NOT THAT PAINFUL. Don't believe in the horror stories!

Lilian Godfrey

I had an abortion twice this year. One was around August, and the second today…


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Ik heb een abortus gehad


Medical abortion at 9wks 5days


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It isn't and shouldn't be as taboo as it is made out to be.

katrina nicole

the only time i look back is to say thank god


"Un acto amoroso"


My abortion was what needed to be done at that time. Deep down me I know I…