ana maria Duque

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I had an abortion but this wasn't easy I was very afraid, but i never regret about it. we can deside our future.

2009 Colômbia (nascido em Colombia)

Quais foram seus sentimentos em relação ao aborto(s)?

it's a confusion of fellings, I was afraid of diying because of the pills but also I was very sure about what I was doing, none of my friends had done an abortion before so this process and all the information and all the research was made for me by me! I was alone, although alot of people was in charge of me and took care of me.

Como fez o aborto?

well i used 5 cytotec pills at 18:30 on sep 22, the proces began 3 hours later and it hurts like hell and I start bleeding, that night I couldn't sleep the pain was terrible. I was sick all night, the other day y decide to stay home all day, the pain is not all the time I think it's probably like contractions, after two week I stop bleeding and the proccess was finished, the next month I didn't menstruated, but I went to a medical senter for a blood pregnancy test and it was negative and the next month my menstruation returned the day of the abortion.

Como era a sua situação nessa altura?

i'm just 19 years old, raced in a very catholic family, I'm studing in the university and I have a pretty well future

A ilegalidade de seu aborto afetou seus sentimentos?

well not the political part, maybe the religious part makes me feel a little worried and sad but nothing else

Como as outras pessoas reagiram ao seu aborto?

some people was agree and other no, but everyone say it was my desition and that my future was first.

Tem filhos?

Qual é a sua religião?

wiki Kosik

Korzystaj z życia..Na dziecko, przyjdzie odpowiedni czas..


I knew I was pregnant as soon as I was around two weeks. I had never been…

pam carol

Yo aborte

C. Ferreira

Pior dia da minha vida


O dono do meu corpo e do meu destino sou eu, e não a sociedade hipócrita e…


Decidí sobre mi futuro.




Your Dreams Are Real, So Are Abortions.


Terça, 08 de agosto de 2017, 8:00 h.
Foi esse dia que eu descobri que estava…


Pense en el bienestar de los 2


Nunca imaginei que precisaria passar por isso

Rocio Rocio

14 semanas


Grow Yourself, Before You Grow a Baby.

Grace Grace

Y no existe arrepentimiento.


Yo aborte en Chile, en pandemia gracias a Wow

Cindy Rios

Yo aborte porque no estaba en el momento adecuado para tener un hijo, mi madre…

Willem Velthoven

I had several abortions. And children too!


Mi aborto.