I BETRAYED myself..

2006 Australia (born in Australia)

Quais foram seus sentimentos em relação ao aborto(s)? de luto, egoísta, confusa, envergonhada, culpada, triste

Emotions about the abortion only doomed on my 7 mnths later - which is now. I went through a stage where i hated children, didnt care for them and decided never to have any of my own.. only because deep down i was ashamed of throwing it away. It was the first time i put everything above my morals and dove into something that would plague me forever. Im female, im allowed to have these emotions and express my emotions. i wont be like this all the time forever, but there will be moments. After i had the abortion and was in recovery for an hour, i cried, shocked it was all over, knowing what had been done.. but now, im angry at myself, i DREAM CONSTANTLY and i wake up crying in the night, i feel guilty, i feel like i owe the world forever, because i destroyed something that is seen as hope, something that is supposed to be beautiful.. i feel like i've betrayed myself. i didnt want to destroy so many lives to benefit my own... deep down i know i wanted to keep it. even though every other reason pointed to NO. I'll carry the burden forever.

Como fez o aborto? numa clínica ou hospital através de uma cirurgia

I was confident. I was offered alot of support, i was more sure of this, than anything i had EVER decided upon. I had support from 2 people, my cousin and my boyfriend. The doctors were great, and assured my decision was 100% confident before they followed through with the procedure. After it, it followed out to be as if it had never had happened completely forgotten about.. 7mnths down the track my moralistic views dawned on me...

Como era a sua situação nessa altura? problemas financeiros, Devido à minha idade (muito nova ou muito velha)

I was fresh into a new relationship with a great guy i knew it was to be serious... but 3 weeks is WAY WAY WAY too smaller time frame to ALREADY have a kid... 19 years old, just getting on track with my life, a job where i can hardly afford a phone bill, let alone the support for another life, and family reasons that would just be heartbreaking to them all..... i would be a failure to disgrace my mother and my family - She always spoke about it like that..

Did the illegality of your abortion affect your feelings?

Legality wasn't a problem for me.. still wouldn't be.. but that ISN'T the problem that followed me..

Tem filhos?

não tenho filhos

Qual é a sua religião?