Outros sites com histórias sobre abortos

Buscamos compartilhar aqui outros sites que trazem histórias sobre abortos.

Este é um projeto em desenvolvimento. Caso você conheça algum site que não esteja listado aqui, por favor, informe-nos!


Abortion Out Loud: A project of Advocates for Youth


Break the Taboo Malta: Abortion stories from Malta


Contá Conmigo: Abortion stories from Uruguay, in Spanish


Ho Abortito E Sto Benissimo: Abortion stories and feelings after abortion in Italian


IVG, je vais bien, merci!: Abortion stories in French


My Abortion, My Life: Abortion experiences from the United States of America


Obiezione Respinta: Stories of conscientious objection from Italy, Italian


Project Voice: Abortion stories from 8 countries, representing multiplicities of abortion experience


Shout Your Abortion: Abortion stories from the United States of America


So, I had an Abortion: Abortion stories in text, visual and illustrated, in audio and video


The Abortion Diary: Abortion stories with audio


The Choice: Personally written stories on why each person choose to have an abortion


The Story Collider: Abortion stories from doctors and patients


Voices of Courage: A project of Physicians for Reproductive Health, abortion stories from doctors


We Testify: Abortion stories particularly from people of color, people from rural and conservative communities, people who are queer-identified, people with varying abilities and citizenship statuses, and those who needed support when navigating barriers while accessing abortion care


2+ Abortions: Stories from people who had multiple abortions