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I had an abortion

1993 Argentina

Quais foram seus sentimentos em relação ao aborto(s)?

I felt very lonely, guilty, trapped and extremely stupid for getting pregnant. I was too young, studying, just broken up with that boyfriend. I carried the guilt and shame for over 20 years, didn't talk about till now in my 40s, have suffered depression because I couldn't deal with it. I wish these pills or information had been available to me. I wouldn't have suffered so much. It is only now that I realise how often women go through it, how it is my right and my choice. I don't regret my abortion at all. Now I have an education, degrees, a job and a beautiful family.

Como fez o aborto?

It was an illegal clinic but at least there were proper doctors performing it. I had no complications but huge emotional scars.

Como era a sua situação nessa altura?

A ilegalidade de seu aborto afetou seus sentimentos?

Yes. Of course, my guilt was unbearable. I felt like a criminal and had no way to share my burden.

Como as outras pessoas reagiram ao seu aborto?

I didn't really talk about it at the time. Both of my closest friends were supportive. Both were medical students. Another friend was against it and preached on on.


Qual é a sua religião?


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