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2002 Holandia (narodzony Portugal)

Jakie uczucia ci towarzyszyły?

I felt stupid for getting pregnant, guilty and irresponsible for not being more carefull with my body. I felt ashamed that something like that happened to me, because I'm not a teenager anymore and know how to not get pregnant. I felt afraid that I would damage my body, that it would hurt, but I was sure I didn't want to have a baby at that time and with that boyfriend.

Jaką metodą wykonałaś aborcję?

It's was nothing special. No pain, no trauma, just a choice, just a medical procedure.

W jakiej byłaś wtedy sytuacji?

I would be unhappy, the child would be unhappy, my boyfriend would be unhappy.

Czy nielegalność twojej aborcji wpłynęła na twoje uczucia?

Yes. It's much easier to make a decision when you know that you can get the right support and help for your choice.

Jak inni ludzie zareagowali na twoją aborcję?

Abortion is illegal in Portugal.


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