Deel je ervaring

I am going through an abortion at the mo .i am greatful to women on web to have allowed me have an abortion in my own country !! its a huge relief to me to be able to have control on a desicion which i should be able to make in this day and age .my story basically is that i got pregnant while taking the pill , im not in a serious relationship and my family is complete . im a single mum of 3 so was not able to travel overseas for one . thank you women on web

2008 Ireland (geboren in Ireland)

Hoe voelde je je over de abortus?

What was your situation at this time?

Hoe reageerden andere mensen op je abortus?

didnt tell anyone

Do you have children?

What is your religion?


Yo aborte


Wieść o ciąży była dla mnie szokiem, ale mogłam się jej spodziewać bo niestety…

Fallen Angel

I had the SAFEST ABORTION even in the PHILIPPINES through


Hola chicas. Bueno yo quedé embarazada a los 17 años. Recién empezaba mi…


Yo interrumpí mi embarazo...


Nie wstydzę się tego, że jestem teraz szczęśliwa!!!


Interrumpi mi embarazo de un mes y medio

Lucyna L

I had an abortion


Uma escolha pra vida!


E no começo me arrependi mas vi que seria a melhor opção, e escrevendo meu…


I had an abortion. It was in October of 2008, when I was 21. The guy I was…


porque mi situación económica era pésima, al igual que la de mi pareja, ninguno…

Dawn & Kevin

I had two abortions


I had an abortion 6 months ago.My boyfriend and I were not ready to have a baby.

Stormy-Hayden Skylar

I don't regret my abortion in the slightest.


Fiz um aborto porque adoro crianças e acredito que só podemos deixar um…


miałam aborcję


Hice lo mejor que pude, estando bajo toda la presión del mundo.