Ono Kin

Deel je ervaring

Really worked, except for suspicion from customs

2020 Singapore

Hoe voelde je je over de abortus?

How did you do the abortion?

Great, but painful :(. Shady tactic proposed by the government to boost birth rate, local abortion pills is 5-10 times more expensive than overseas :(

What was your situation at this time?

Hoe reageerden andere mensen op je abortus?

My bf and I were happy


What is your religion?


I had a medical abortion (the pill) with BPAS when I was just shy of 8 weeks.


I had a Medical Abortion - Painful Experience, Life Changing

pam carol

Yo aborte


I had an abortion. It was in October of 2008, when I was 21. The guy I was…


Aborté y no me arrepiento. I do not regret my abortion.


100% segura


And it was just fine. I had just turned 20, and was living in a rented room in…

Ashley Engbrecht

At the young age of 17, I was the victim of sexual assault. There is nothing…

Paola XD

Yo aborté en Chile, donde es ilegal. Tengo 29 años. Lo hice con medicamentos, a…


si fuera legal..

Sylwia Zatońska

Ciąża nie powinna być przypadkiem!!!


I had two...it was not a hard decision, and I'm glad I did it. Now, I'm a…

Lola lopes

É um momento em que ninguém quer te ajudar, você se vê sozinha, confusa, triste


La decisión de abortar no es nada fácil, en realidad por mi mente deabundan…

Fallen Angel

I had the SAFEST ABORTION even in the PHILIPPINES through womenonweb.org.


Miałam aborcję. I choć żyję w ponoć "cywilizowanym" kraju to aborcja jest…


Lo logré....estoy tranquila


Ser solidária com quem abortou e defender a descriminalização jamais me fez…