What are the symptoms of allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction can cause different symptoms, from mild to severe.

A mild local reaction can be experienced as itching, small blisters or pain in or around your mouth. This will disappear by itself sometime after the medicines are dissolved.

In a mild general allergic reaction, you can get tingling hands, nose congestion and swollen eyes and a rash and itching of your skin. It is better not to use misoprostol anymore if you have this reaction after you took this medication. You can use a medicine called antihistamines (for example promethazine and clemastine) to treat these symptoms.

In very rare cases of a severe allergic reaction, you can start feeling pressure on your chest, dizziness, get a swollen face, shortage of breath and collapse. If you have these symptoms, you have to go to the hospital immediately, as this is a very dangerous situation.