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It was the right decision just hard than i thought it would to deal with

2015 United States

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

I feel like i shouldnt of but deep down i knew i had to do it.

How did you do the abortion?

My abortion hurt because i had to take two little white pills before the procedure bc of how far along i was it was extremely painful

What was your situation at this time?


What is your religion?

barbara k

Zaczęłam odczuwać mdłości, zrobiłam test i okazało się, że jestem w ciąży.


La decisión más difícil de mi vida


The first time I was too young the next I was old enough to know I had no right…


Nie wahajcie sie, jezeli czujecie ze musicie.. zrobcie to

Anne Jellinek

I had two abortions in my life: one when I was 21 and newly married and one 8…

Johanna P.

Era lo que tenia que hacer


“I had an abortion” will appear automatically, but please feel free to change…


Yo aborte el día 10 de noviembre del 2015 dos días antes me había enterado de…


I had an abortion. And I would do it again, if I was me at that time back then…


Despite the intense feelings I've had since, I know it was the right thing to…

A alexandra

Mi futuro, mi familia


I had an abortion and now feel I have 10kgs off my shoulders alone, a little…


Tomé la decisión correcta, tal vez no justa, pero correcta.


Jamás sabré si fue la mejor decisión, jamás lo podré conocer, pero en este…


Women's bodies belong only to us. Men, families, society, have no right to…

Lora Fleming

I had 3 abortions and as a medical student, I helped preform several abortions…


I was too careless after meeting a guy when I was in a vulnerable period and…

Bryann Turner

It was the right decision for me at this time.