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I had an abortion

2008 (dilahirkan di United Kingdom)

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

I have come to terms with my decision, but am still affected at certain times each month, but it is fading realising there are many more women out there, and I can now talk about it with friends.

How did you do the abortion?

What was your situation at this time?

What is your religion?

Priscilla Silva

Oi, bom é tanta coisa pra falar ... mas vamos lá! Abortei em Março dia 17


Your Dreams Are Real, So Are Abortions.


I didn't want to do it, but it is my worst fear to bring another child into the…

Van Nessa

I had an abortion.



Louise Harper

I have had two abortions. One at the age of 22 which I paid privately for at 9…

Misa Mary

soy feliz,soy libre, aborte!! fue la decision mas acertada y feliz que pude…


I had an abortion at 15...and my life is still going well


Mam 17 lat i jestem z moim chłopakiem od lutego. Aborcji dokonałam z wczoraj na…

Agnes X

Przeprowadziłam tą aborcję i jestem zadowolona ponieważgdybym jej niemiała to…


Nie wstydzę się tego, że jestem teraz szczęśliwa!!!


I am going through an abortion at the mo .i am greatful to women on web to have…

I had an abortion and I'm not ashamed


Nunca arrepentida


I had an abortion 6 months ago.My boyfriend and I were not ready to have a baby.

Sylvie Shene

A Life-Saving Experience Thank you for asking people to share their abortion…


I had an abortion

Regina Powell

I had an abortion and I'm about to have another.