Amy Martinez

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I had an abortion

1999 United States (dilahirkan di United States)

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

Again I felt all sorts of things but just checked off the ones that were there at the time.

How did you do the abortion?

It was rough, at first, and I had an unexpected person by my side, my father. He took me and back and even got us a hotel room, wow the details are now coming to my mind, like it happend yesterday.

What was your situation at this time?

All these feeling are now coming back to me. I was 20 at the time. The obvious reasons to have one was the simple fact that I felt too young to take care of a child. I wanted to continue my education and I wasn't ready to have one.

Adakah haramnya pengguguran anda mempengaruhi perasaan anda?

My abortion waslegal and it was done in the state of California

Bagaimana reaksi orang lain terhadap pengguguran anda?

Well 1st of all I just found this site and I'm glad I found it. After all these years I can finally express myself the way I want to with out being judged like I was back then.

Do you have children?

What is your religion?


I had an abortion


Ik heb een abortus gehad


La decisión más difícil de mi vida

Anyel. Mtz.

Esto marcó mi vida, pero agradezco a Dios por esta segunda oportunidad


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I had an abortion when I was 23 years old

Viridiana Aguilar

I had an abortion


Jestem w stałym związku od 7lat. Mam kochającego mężczyznę i mała córeczkę.


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Tenho 28 anos, namoro a 2 anos. Sou do interior.
Duas semanas atrás descobri que…


My abortion was NOT THAT PAINFUL. Don't believe in the horror stories!


I had an abortion at 15...and my life is still going well

Sabine Ryan

It's not as bad as you think. Please read my story!

Mariana C

Estava grávida de 08 semanas e não sabia!


Uratowałam sobie życie