Typh N

Pasidalinti savo istorija

C'est une décision difficile qui fait mal au corps au coeur à l'âme mais la paix revient toujours et l espoir est toujours permis 💖 il faut du courage pour être une femme dans ce monde et je suis fière de faire partie de ce genre là 💞

2020 France

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

What was your situation at this time?


What is your religion?

Ania Kijawska

Mam dziecko, dom, męża zdecydowałam się na aborcję.

Alaska Young

A veces es necesario.

Sun Flower

Me, and my guy friend had just found out I was pregnant, though he was super…

Paula *

Yo acompañe a mi hermana quien pasó por este proceso, siempre fui una persona…


I can now carry on with life.


"#AbortoLegalYa" era tendencia número uno en redes mientras yo lo hacía…


I had an abortion. And I would do it again, if I was me at that time back then…

kate swanson

I didn't intend it to, but safe, legal abortion played a huge part in my family…

Sofia Ignatius

I had abortion n all went well


Yo interrumpí mi embarazo...

Flor de Luna

Piloto automático, pero no me arrepiento


I have had two abortions

Ashley Engbrecht

At the young age of 17, I was the victim of sexual assault. There is nothing…


I had an abortion. It was a stressful time, I am glad it is all behind me. My…


j´ai avorté.


I had a Medical Abortion - Painful Experience, Life Changing


Decyzja o aborcji była najcięższą do tej pory..


My abortions defined my life choices for decades


Tengo 25a, estudio medicina. Acababa de terminar el internado y estaba por…