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2002 Belanda (lahir di Portugal)

Yang dirasakan tentang aborsi

I felt stupid for getting pregnant, guilty and irresponsible for not being more carefull with my body. I felt ashamed that something like that happened to me, because I'm not a teenager anymore and know how to not get pregnant. I felt afraid that I would damage my body, that it would hurt, but I was sure I didn't want to have a baby at that time and with that boyfriend.

How did you do the abortion?

It's was nothing special. No pain, no trauma, just a choice, just a medical procedure.

What was your situation at this time?

I would be unhappy, the child would be unhappy, my boyfriend would be unhappy.

Apakah ilegalitas aborsi memengaruhi perasaan Anda?

Yes. It's much easier to make a decision when you know that you can get the right support and help for your choice.

Bagaimana reaksi orang lain terhadap aborsi Anda?

Abortion is illegal in Portugal.


Do you have children?


Porque no era el momento indicado y los anticonceptivos fallaron.


Mam 20 lat i zupełnie nie byłam przygotowana na ciąże.
Ja i mój chłopak…


Aborté y no me arrepiento. I do not regret my abortion.


Stosowałam pigułki i nie zwróciłam uwagi na to, że problemy żołądkowe mogły…

mary cry

pior momento de minha vida

Maria F M B

Yo aborte: Hoy en dia es difícil enfrentar la sanción moral que existe en…


O aborto é uma escolha apenas da MULHER.

Charlotte Sigler

I had an abortion


I had a surgical abortion at Planned Parenthood in Beacon, NY at 4 weeks.


“I had an abortion” will appear automatically, but please feel free to change…


Najtragiczniejsze doświadczenie w życiu...

Po prawie dziesięciu miesiącach od…


Por siempre y para siempre en mi mente.


The 10 weeks I was pregnant were the happiest weeks of my life. My husband

Tannicola Nkata

I was brutally rapped during my time of imprisonment in my native country. I…


I was 21, and nowhere near ready or willing to carry and birth a child because…


한국에 계신 분들 걱정마십쇼!! 낙심하시 마시고 자신을 믿으세요!

serena serena

Yo aborte. No culpo por haberlo hecho, sino por no haberme cuidado. Desde el…


I had more than one abortions. I made the choices because I care about the…