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I have had two abortions

2007 Ireland (lahir di Ireland)

Yang dirasakan tentang aborsi

Two different experiences make the list of emotions confusing - My first abortion was one i had to travel for and lie for and could not share with people at home so the emotions were primarily negative yet i was sure it was the right decision. My second abortion took place at home with the help of womenonweb and was a far more positive experience. Thank you.

How did you do the abortion?

I found the foreign clinic quite frightening. The medical abortion at home was by far more comfortable

What was your situation at this time?

My first abortion was in 1997 the second ten years later. I am a single mother and have not the resources for children when pregnancies occurred.

Apakah ilegalitas aborsi memengaruhi perasaan Anda?

Not this time as there were no lies to tell and could take place in the comfort of my home. I found a previous abortion for which i had to travel far more traumatic.

Bagaimana reaksi orang lain terhadap aborsi Anda?

I had support of friends

Do you have children?

What is your religion?


Feeling like myself again


I had a surgical abortion at Planned Parenthood in Beacon, NY at 4 weeks.


Aún grito perdón

Eléonore Delmas

I had an abortion

Daniela Moraes

É fácil defender o aborto das outras. Difícil é decidir quando a gente precisa…

mery elizabeth

tomando la decisión de mi vida


I was let down by birth control and had two abortions. During my second…

Stormy-Hayden Skylar

I don't regret my abortion in the slightest.

Grace Grace

Y no existe arrepentimiento.


mi aborto. siempre te voy a recordar pequeña semillita


Ojala alguna vez me perdones... pero fue. La mejor decisión..


Never felt so relieved in my life. I owe everything to planned parenthood and…


i had an abortion

anna dea

aku masih berumur 20thun aku mempunyai pacar usia nya di bawah ku 1 tahun aku…

Mitzi .

I had an abortion. And i know that was the best choice.

Sylwia Zatońska

Ciąża nie powinna być przypadkiem!!!