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I had an abortion and I'm so pleased that I had that option. I was only 18 (sounds like a song!), in my first sexual relationship, and it was never going to be anything but destructive. So, I made my choice and have never regretted it. I now have a beautiful husband and gorgeous twins.

1989 Australie (né/e en Australia)

Quels étaient vos sentiments au sujet de faire l'avortement / s?

There was never any doubt in my mind that an abortion was the right way to go. My doctor was very supportive and my sister transported me 600kms to the closest legal clinic. I think I was very lucky to have such support.

Comment avez-vous fait l'avortement?

All went well. No dramas.

Quelle était votre situation à ce moment-là?

I was only 18, my partner was 17. We were just having fun. He drank a lot. I had no plans to settle down with a family...then or ever, really. I had battled depression and suicidal thoughts, and didnt want to be responsible for another life.

L'illégalité de votre avortement a-t-elle affecté vos sentiments ?

I had to travel to another state where it was legal.

Comment les autres personnes ont-elles réagi à votre avortement ?

My partner was very upset because I had not really consulted him.

Avez-vous des enfants?

What is your religion?

Almma Crysta

Supe de mi embarazo el 19 de enero de 2018 por una ecografía transvaginal que…

Nami Tibbers

Não vi outra opção. Então tomei coragem e optei por um aborto.

Dulcinea Vázquez

Las pastillas tardaron un poco mas de 3 horas en hacer efecto, no presenté…


versão corrigida do relato


¿decisión o "me hice a la idea"?


It isn't and shouldn't be as taboo as it is made out to be.


To była bardzo trudna decyzja ale w tamtej chwili nie potrafiłam sobie…

Camila Gray

I had an abortion,im having my abortion.


Fue una decisión de vida


....because my pregnancy was unexpected and I did not want another child. My…


fui libre respecto esta decision


Dicen que interrumpí una vida, yo siento que lo que hice fue continuar con la…


I had an abortion at 15...and my life is still going well

Willem Velthoven

I had several abortions. And children too!

Ania Kijawska

Mam dziecko, dom, męża zdecydowałam się na aborcję.


Deu tudo certo.