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Something that has carried with me ever since.

2013 États-Unis

Quels étaient vos sentiments au sujet de faire l'avortement / s?

a feeling of knowing I had to do this, but still tittering on the fence of wanting to love a child that was my own. An odd mixture of emotions.

Comment avez-vous fait l'avortement?

I thought it was going to be less invasive, and less cold with surgical tools. But somehow, taking the pill at home, basically alone(mother in another room) it felt more alone than anything. Almost worse than what I thought it would feel like in a medical office.

Quelle était votre situation à ce moment-là?

L'illégalité de votre avortement a-t-elle affecté vos sentiments ?

It was legal, in the state of California gaining access to an abortion is somewhat easier. But still with limitations, heavy payment, and low access to mental health associates for aftercare.

Comment les autres personnes ont-elles réagi à votre avortement ?

I have only shared my abortion story with close friends, my mother and father, and the father of the "child"(who hasn't shared any information with his family, and thats totally understandable).


What is your religion?


I had 2 abortions

Dulcinea Vázquez

Las pastillas tardaron un poco mas de 3 horas en hacer efecto, no presenté…


A maternidade como função obrigatória não é maternidade. Não é linda. Ser mãe…


I didn't want to do it, but it is my worst fear to bring another child into the…


I was twenty years old, terrified, and completely alone.

Ana Luiza

A ironia entre abortar e renascer.


Nigdy nie sądziłam, że to powiem ale tak, miałam aborcję.
Historie innych…

Liz Price

I had an abortion

Ewa Izabela

I am pro-choice


12 Weeks 2 Days Medical Abortion Experience


I had an abortion. It's a choice I want available for every woman, for…


Mi hijo se transformó en una estrella.
Ahora veo a los demás de otra manera.


Me enfrente a la injusticia de haber nacido mujer


Aborté y no me arrepiento. I do not regret my abortion.


Sin duda ha sido la decisión más difícil que he tomado en lo que llevo de vida


The first time I was too young the next I was old enough to know I had no right…


I was so scared but it was right and I know deep in my heart now.


The best decision for me.