Safe Abortion Network in Indonesia


Women on Web-Indonesia-SAWG

Amalia is responsible for outreach activities in Asia and under her leadership, Women on Web joined the Safe Abortion Working Group in Indonesia. Nine organizations and fourteen individuals have joined this network that focuses on sexual and reproductive health rights in Indonesia, including safe abortion. Women on Web is one of the organizations on Save All Women and Girls (SAWG). Starting in 2015, SAWG finally has confirmed their members and board members on April 2018. The vision of SAWG is "To create a conducive change for all women and girls so they can decide and preserve their sexual and reproductive health rights, particularly safe abortion service." To achieve this, SAWG will develop critical education based on gender and inclusivity for women and girls regarding their sexual and reproductive health rights. SAWG also will develop a model of safe abortion service innovation that is easy to access, comprehensive, and women's rights oriented. One of the SAWG's activities  is advocacy based on evidence and best experiences so that  a better policy concerning sexual and reproductive health rights will be implemented.

Abortion in Indonesia is only allowed in some conditions.

Laws No. 36 Year 2009 about Health and Government Regulation No. 61 Year 2016 about Reproductive Health stated that abortion can be done if there is an indication of a medical emergency or rape cases. Two years after the Government Regulation, there is Ministry of Health Regulation No. 3 Year 2016 about Training and Service Provision in relation to Abortion due to Indication of Medical Emergencies and Rape Cases. Even there are some regulations, it has not been implemented yet. It causes no information, reference, and service that can be accessed by women. Therefore, it might be too late when women had a decision. In addition, not all medical providers agree to give safe abortion service, some of them even scared the women of doing abortion.

The restrictive laws could not stop women from needing an abortion. Limited safe abortion service could lead women to access unsafe abortion that risk their health and lives. Giving safe abortion information and service could save women’s lives.