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It isn't and shouldn't be as taboo as it is made out to be.


Quels étaient vos sentiments au sujet de faire l'avortement / s?

Comment avez-vous fait l'avortement?

I've had both surgical and medical abortions (2 total) and I have a two year old baby girl. There is no shame in having an abortion and you should t ever feel like it is a shameful thing or let anyone tell you that what you are doing or plan to do it a shameful thing. The medical option was a scary idea to me at first but it was fine in the end. I cramped a bit and bled, and there were clots - but it was pretty easy. The waiting at planned parenthood was probably the worst part. As the surgical option is faster, the medical (pill) abortion option is less invasive and you can do the second part in the privacy of your own home. Hopefully I will never have to have another abortion, but if I had to I would go the medical route again.

Quelle était votre situation à ce moment-là?

L'illégalité de votre avortement a-t-elle affecté vos sentiments ?

It was legal. And if it were illegal, it wouldn't affect my feelings at all.

Comment les autres personnes ont-elles réagi à votre avortement ?

My family was very supportive.


What is your religion?

mery elizabeth

tomando la decisión de mi vida

Natalia M

Yo aborté, y no me arrepiento.

Kidda Sinsee

And I was afraid at first...

Felicia Ríos

Yo elegí y aborté


Fiz o procedimento ontem e quero contar com riqueza de detalhes , por isso…

Charlotte Sigler

I had an abortion


Me hice un aborto porque no quería ser madre en ese momento.

katrina nicole

the only time i look back is to say thank god


I can now carry on with life.


I made the best decision for me


Y lo volvería a hacer, habia terminado con mi ex pololoy el era super…

xxx xxx

znów mogę cieszyć się życiem...

Rocio Beron

Tome mi decisión y estoy mejor haciendo lo que quiero y siento!!


j´ai avorté.

Dawn & Kevin

I had two abortions

Constanza Arely

El ser madre debe ser una decisión, una de las mejores experiencias que vive…


I was so scared but it was right and I know deep in my heart now.