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I had three abortions latest being 2018.I feel guilty but I had no choice.

2018 Kenya

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

Was painful,I bleeded a lot.Thank God I have another day to live

What was your situation at this time?

آیا غیرقانونی بودن سقط جنین بر احساسات شما تأثیر گذاشته است؟

Yeah.I feel guilty.Taking lives of innocent kids.But I overcame this.Its not me only considering a over amillion ladies do this yearly

واکنش دیگران نسبت به سقط جنین شما چیست؟

Obviously people can't tell you how they feel about you.But inside their minds they wanna be.she is a whore and such.


What is your religion?


This isn't my first abortion.... :'( My second one I am currently scheduled for.

Sun Flower

Me, and my guy friend had just found out I was pregnant, though he was super…


Aborto Simples e tranquilo com Cytotec

Contra o aborto até precisar dele


Terminé mi embarazo


Interrumpi mi embarazo de un mes y medio

Ezzah candra

Untuk kebaikan semua anggota keluarga


Macierzyństwo nie jest dla każdego

Mam już 30 lat, męża, stabilną sytuację…


Decidí sobre mi futuro.


o ciąży dowiedziałam się gdy byłam w 4 tygodniu. nie mogłam urodzić tego…


Aborto a las 4 semanas, perdóname mi ángel.


O aborto é uma escolha apenas da MULHER.


Yo aborté a las 5 semanas. Yo decidí.

Saraith saraith

Perdoneme mi bebe, te amare siempre!

mary cry

pior momento de minha vida


The 10 weeks I was pregnant were the happiest weeks of my life. My husband


Nunca me senti tão sozinha!