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  • Jaksa Meminta Penyintas Perkosaan Dihukum karena Aborsi

    Perempuan berusia 15 tahun melakukan aborsi. Ia mengalami kehamilan tidak diinginkan akibat kakaknya memperkosanya. Sempet ditahan, banyak organisasi memperjuangkan haknya. Setelah dilepas, kini Jaksa menuntut untuk mengganjar hukum sebagai "pelajaran". Read more »

  • Situación del aborto en México

    El pasado jueves 30 de agosto, GIRE presentó el informe Maternidad o castigo. La criminalización del aborto en México, un documento que muestra los alcances de la penalización del aborto en la vida de las mujeres en México. Para ello, incluye una radiografía del marco normativo sobre aborto en el… Read more »

  • Philippine: Access to Safe Abortion in Restrictive Setting

    Women on Web attended the 2nd International Exchange Workshop that was organized by Pinsan (Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network) in Manila on 16—18 August 2018. More than 50 participants from many countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, and Poland… Read more »

  • Abortion Pill Protest in Seoul

    On August 26 th, 125 women swallowed the abortion pill in defiance of the restrictive abortion laws in South Korea. Even though abortion is illegal in South Korea, 125 women have an abortion every hour. The protest took place in front of Boshingak in the center of Seoul. It was organized by the… Read more »

  • El Senado de Argentina rechazó la ley del aborto y deja al país con una ley de 1921

    La votación de ayer del Senado argentino que rechazó por siete votos (38 a 31) la modificación de la ley del aborto deja a las mujeres del país en la misma situación que ya ganaron en 1921, hace casi exactamente un siglo. De esa fecha es la norma actual, que solo permite la interrupción voluntaria… Read more »

  • Argentina podría ser el próximo país en legalizar el aborto libre

    El 8 de agosto el Senado votará el proyecto de ley que ya fue aprobado (aunque de manera muy apretada) en el Congreso.
    El debate será histórico y tendrá lugar en medio de una marcada polarización que ha llevado a las calles a quienes están a favor y en contra de un proyecto de ley que autoriza… Read more »

  • Women on Web testimony for the Supreme Court in Brasil

    Brazil’s Supreme Court holds a two-day public hearing that started on Friday August 3. The court will consider whether Brazil’s restrictive abortion laws are violating constitutional protections. The ADPF case was filed on March 8, 2017 by the Socialism and Freedom Party, together with the Anis Read more »

  • Przywracanie miesiączki

    Jeżeli miesiaczka nie pojawila się w terminie – może to być skutkiem powstania ciąży. W tym przypadku nalezy jak najszybciej wykonać test ciązowy (łatwo dostępny w sklepach i drogeriach). Szybkie wykonanie testu ciążowego jest istotne, szczególnie jeśli jest to ciąża niechciana. Strach przed… Read more »

  • Abortion pill research presented in parliament South Korea

    At the invitation of the coalition of abortion rights groups of South Korea, Dr. Gomperts, director of Women on Web, visited Seoul on 5,6 and 7 July 2018 Read more »

  • Why do women from the USA look for abortion pillls online?

    Women on Web helped identifying women who wanted to participate in a new research by Abigail Aiken that has just been published in Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Read more »

  • Partido Liberal de Chile presentará propuesta de aborto libre

    Inspirado por la reciente aprobación en la Cámara de Diputados de Argentina de un proyecto de ley que despenaliza la interrupción del embarazo, el Partido Liberal Chileno trabaja en una propuesta sobre el aborto libre. Read more »

  • El Gobierno de El Salvador libera a mujer condenada a 25 años por aborto

    El Gobierno de El Salvador liberó hoy a una mujer condenada en 2000 a 25 años de prisión por el delito de homicidio agravado, cometido supuestamente al abortar, informó el Ministerio de Seguridad. Read more »

  • Worldwide: the role of personal beliefs

    Conscientious objection means when the personal belief of the doctor is the barrier of the abortion. A new study has claimed that the increasing number of these doctors have a devastating impact on women and girls around the world. The report of The Guardian analyses the problem and introduces two… Read more »

  • Brazil: “rich (women) abort but the poor die”

    Last Friday hundreds of women marched in Rio  de Janeiro  to demand the legalization of abortion. The motivation of the March were the happenings in Argentina  where the lower house of Congress approved a bill that would legalize elective abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.      … Read more »

  • Switzerland: changes in the number of abortions

    According to the Sunday edition of Tages-Anzeiger  the number of teenage abortions  has almost halved, which  contradicts the widespread belief  that abortions are typically requested by young, uneducated, low-income women.  But women in all other age groups are increasingly terminating their… Read more »

  •,legalizacja-aborcji-w-argentynie-przepisy-aborcyjne-zmieniaja-sie Read more »

  • Majority Poland citizens want legalization of abortions on request until the 12th week of pregnancy.

    A recent poll showed that 46 percent Polish support the right for abortion at the woman's request. Only 32 percent are against it.
    Meanwhile, since the last 2 years the PiS government has been trying to further tightening restrictive anti-abortion law.
    When do politicians start to… Read more »

  • Tunisia: abortion is legalised but still controversial

    A report by FRANCE 24 Read more »

  • "Abortion is a health issue which shouldn't be in the Crimes Act because it's not a crime" says Angie Warren-Clark

    After the successful referendum in Ireland New Zealand started to consider removing abortion from the Crimes Act Read more »

  • Explainer: what are abortion clinic safe-access zones and where do they exist in Australia?

    The’s article about safe-access zones and the possibility of their extension across the whole country Read more »

  • Women on Web and the abortion referendum in Ireland

    In 2014, Irish Parliamentarian Ruth Coppinger and the grassroots organisation ROSA approached  Women on Web and Women on Waves to collaborate and since we have worked closely together. We collaborated in several high impact campaigns ( abortion train in 2014 ,  abortion bus 2015  and  2017… Read more »

  • Irlandia Bilang “Iya” untuk Akses Aborsi

    Irlandia melakukan referendum konstitusi tentang akses aborsi. Read more »

  • Training on medical abortion and Post-Abortion Care in Democratic Republic of Congo

    In February 2018, Marlies and Leticia from Women on Waves provided a five-day training
    session on medical abortion, post-abortion care, contraceptives, legal aspects of safe abortion,
    and how to communicate and create a safe abortion project. Read more »

  • Press conference on safe online abortion in Ireland

    On May 1 th Women on Web was invited by Parliamentarian Ruth Coppingen to present at a press conference in Dublin to correct some of the misinformation about the use of the abortion pills by women in Ireland. Is was covered y several news outlets. Read more »

  • Safe Abortion Network in Indonesia

    Amalia is responsible for outreach activities in Asia and under her leadership, Women on Web joined the Safe Abortion Working Group in Indonesia. Nine organizations and fourteen individuals have joined this network that focuses on sexual and reproductive health rights in Indonesia, including safe… Read more »

  • Inroads - break abortion stigma! meeting

    On March 10th three Women on Web members went to Zagreb, Croatia, for the Inroads Global Gathering Meeting. The aim of the Women on Web presence there was to map new actors, projects and strategies as well as to find new contacts and project possibilities in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. Read more »

  • Abortion Pill Bus Ireland

    In the weekend of October 23 and 24, 2015, ROSA drove the Abortion Pill Bus from Dublin, to Limeric, Galway and Cork, Women on Web did phone consultations with women who visited the bus and needed help.  Read more »

  • Abortion pill train

    Action of ROSA group frames work of Women on Web within Irish history Read more »

  • Abortion robot in Northern Ireland

    Read more »

  • Ministry Tanzania clears confusion over family planning

    After a message from the President of Tanzania, promoting the increase of the population of Tanzania, by decreasing abortion and family planning, his government clarifies this will not interfere with current family planning programs.
    It is very worrying to get such messages from presidents Read more »

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