Willem Velthoven

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I had several abortions. And children too!

Países Bajos (nacido en Netherlands)

¿Cuáles fueron sus sentimientos acerca de hacer el aborto (s)?

An abortion means that you let go of possible future. Even when I was very sure about the decision and relieved after the operation, there was also sadness and mourning about it. The sadness about not being able to enjoy this other future too!

Not on my own body so i find it hard to comment.

¿Cuál era su situación en ese momento?

¿La ilegalidad del aborto afectó sus sentimientos?

The fact that abortion is legal and free in the Netherlands allowed us to focus on our own responsability and decision rather than on other troubles around it! We took it for granted and never realised that our parents had to fight for this right and that in so many countries it's not availabe safely.

¿Cómo reaccionaron otras personas a tu aborto?

All abortions I was involved in were rather private. Not many others reacted to it. In general abortion is considered a common practice in the netherlands. But people don't talk about it.


Tiene hijos?

Qué religión profesa?

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