Get a prescription for emergency contraceptive EllaOne

The morning after pill is available over the counter of pharmacies all over Europe except in Poland. This is a service for Polish women. Women on Web can provide a prescription for the morning after pill EllaOne by a European doctor .

According to European regulations, pharmacies in any European country should fill the prescriptions from a European doctor.

The morning after pill is birth control that prevents pregnancy after sex. You can use EllaOne, the morning after pill right away - up 5 days after sex - if you think your birth control failed, you didn't use contraception, or you were made to have sex against your will.

The morning after pill makes it much less likely you will get pregnant. But the morning after pill is not as effective as regular birth control that's used before or during sex, like the pill or condoms. Also, the morning after pill does not protect against sexually transmitted infections, like HIV (only condoms do).

After you used the morning after pill, you should still use a condom or other form of contraceptive until the next menstrual period. Some minor side effects after using the morning after pill can be: nausea (if a woman had to vomit within 3 hours of taking emergency contraceptives she has to take them again) dizziness, headache, painful breast and bleeding before the next expected menstruation.

Please provide your address, birthday and email and we will send you the prescription through email. After you print the prescription, you can go to a polish pharmacy to get the morning after pills.