I live in Scotland and had to travel to England for a late term abortion.

Our baby was deformed and would not have had a normal life if it had been carried to term. I had been on a ton of medication through the pregnancy and had been drinking, smoking and working night shifts.

2013 United Kingdom

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s? comfortable, peaceful, resolved, relieved, confident, happy, sure

The only thing this experience did was really remind me of how much I love my husband, how right we are for each other, and much I despise people who want to impose *their* God and feelings on *my* body, life and choices.

How did you do the abortion? in a clinic or hospital with surgery

Honestly? Bloody awful, but that was because I was miles away from my friends, and there were pro-lifers outside the clinic trying to photograph me as I was walking to it. I had a two stage surgical procedure, involving two operations on consecutive days. Firstly I had an injection of potassium chloride, given into the fetus's heart, along with the insertion of expanders in my cervix. Next day was the abortion itself. It wasn't nice and was undignified and bloody miserable, but not as miserable as being stuck with a child we did not want and could not care for, which is something I reminded myself of a lot from when we found out about the pregnancy until we were going home on the train afterwards.

What was your situation at this time? financial issues, my education, my personal reasons for not wanting a child

I want a degree and to be able to provide a living and have a career myself.My Husband and I want to buy a house before we reproduce. We've not been married long and we didn't marry just to start a family - we want to have a good few years just the two of us to travel and do things together first. To have been able to afford that specific baby, we would have needed to rely heavily on the welfare state and, as we both grew up in poor, single parent families, we knew that was the complete and utter antithesis of what we wanted. We want better for any child we have and if that means aborting an unwanted fetus and waiting until we can provide better, I don;t care how much it upsets other people.

Did the illegality of your abortion affect your feelings?

The fact I had to travel 400 miles to do this, even though I was within the timescales allowed for abortion sicken me. I cannot even begin to understand how women from NI/the RofI feel.

How did other people react to your abortion?

With a whole ton of love and support. No judgement, just support and empathy for what we went through.



What is your religion?

no religion