I had an abortion


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  • K.

    La Experiencia abortiva. Read more »

  • Manuella Silva

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  • Andrea

    Junto con saludarles, quisiera hacerles unas consultas y pedirles toda la ayuda que puedan brindarme, les cuento mi experiencia:

    Hace una semana me enteré que estaba embarazada, lo confirmé con dos test de embarazo y una eco transvaginal que dio como resultado que tenia 5 semanas. Tomé la… Read more »

  • Tt Neil

    I made a choice to discontinue an unexpected pregnancy. I was so worried and alone as I chose to keep it to myself. I turned to woman on web. The support from start to finish was amazing. I don't regret my choice. The time was not right and so on. I received help straight away even though my… Read more »

  • Becca

    I have used CYTOTEC 200mcg and I'm still pregnant Read more »

  • Meli

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  • Milene

    Tenho 19 anos e nem eu nem meu namorado tínhamos condições ou estávamos prontos pra ter um filho. Eu estava com 4 semanas e me programei pra tomar o Cytotec, foi num dia que eu e ele estávamos de folga, tomei 4 pílulas as 7:00. Passados 30 min comecei a sentir cólica leve e saiu corrimento, e umas… Read more »

  • Hasna

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  • Katie

    I feel so much better. Read more »

  • Zeinab Zeinab ahmed

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  • Maria Pineda

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  • Nati

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  • Nati

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  • Lady

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  • Diana Amankwah

    I had an abortion and the blood came only one day,did it really works or I need to repeat it again Read more »

  • nani

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  • andy

    Sigo sangrando Read more »

  • Irena

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  • Sasha

    I'll share my experiences and thoughts when i was conducting abortion. I was almost 3 months pregnant when my boyfriend and i knew that i was pregnant. my period is never regular so i also didn't think about it. but my tummy was getting slightly bigger and im feeling strange inside. so i… Read more »

  • Tamsen Reid

    I had an abortion because I did not want to be pregnant. I wasn't ready to start a family and I wanted to pursue an education and career without the burden of an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. Read more »