I had an abortion


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  • Savio Da costa sousa

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  • Chutima Aom

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  • yolanda

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  • Dyanna

    Fue muy doloroso Read more »

  • Seren's Serens

    On fini toujours par y penser même si on assume notre choix.. Read more »

  • Sophia Diatta

    J'ai avorté le 13avril 2017,dans un hôpital de la place,et depuis lors je saigne toujours avec depuis 3jours des nausées et des maux de ventre.mais à part ça tout va bien.ma famille n'est toujours pas au courant.je l'ai fait parce que je suis resté 2 ans sans pouvoir faire une formation… Read more »

  • Greice Silva

    Na madrugada de sexta para o sabado estava c 9 semanas,Tomei 3 citotec, depois de 4 horas comecei a sangrar e a sentir dores, desceu bastante sangue nas primeiras horas e uns bolos parecido c figado,depois disso o sangue diminuiu continuo sentindo colicas e dores nas pernas mas nao tenho certeza… Read more »

  • Anne

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  • michelle agudal

    March 23 my last period....but I had my period again 2 days last April 11_12...(blood more than d normal period) and I thought it's my period again but then until now my period hadn't come yet....so I took pregnancy test and appeared positive.so I took cytotec alone (5pcs) but didn't… Read more »

  • Bubbles

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  • Elvira Elvira

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  • Yeimi

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  • Lua

    A decisão mais difícil e dolorosa porém acertada! Read more »

  • Mindy Upshaw

    I had,an abortion after getting pregnant while on birth control. I has previously sought a Dr. To tie my tubes as I had made the decision at 22 yrs old to do so. It took an unwanted pregnancy at 24 to convince the man that I was serious. My abortion and tubal ligation were performed at a very… Read more »

  • Kim

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  • Gemma

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  • Vianney Carrillo

    From the moment I knew I was pregnant it was the most beautiful blessing I could ever have.. Then having to walk into the abortion clinic was the most toughest decision I ever had to make. Till this day it haunts me and if I could I would go back in time and would have never done what was done. Read more »

  • Vanessa

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  • lilian rugamas lilian

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  • Agostina

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