I had an abortion

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I had an abortion, I don't regret it but I can't get over it. The lack of…


I choose abortion hard at the beginning but I know this is the right choice

Lila bleu

J’ai avorté
Mes sentiments sont très confus.
J’aurai aimé le garder, mais les…


I had an abortion in which the place where i live illegalized the procedure. As…


I had an abortion and I got to say that it was the best decision I can ever…

Elizabeth Elizabeth

Yesterday was my second abortion. My first one was an easy choice as I was just…


To była historia inna niż wszystkie. Mam wspaniałą rodzine. Męża i niespełna 2…




Minął rok od aborcji. Bylam młoda, mialam zaczac studia. Zaszłam w ciążę z…