I had an abortion

Every unique abortion story supports women and pregnant people around the world to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights.

Yearly almost 78 million women have an abortion. Every unsilenced experience helps building solidarity among women across borders and territories and helps ending the stigma and shame around abortions.

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1068 i had an abortion


To była lepsza decyzja




To był drugi raz. Pierwszy był na studiach. Typowa wpadka, nie pamiętam dobrze…


I knew exactly what I wanted and needed- to be there for my kids, to find a job


I had an abortion, I don't regret it but I can't get over it. The lack of…

Lila bleu

J’ai avorté
Mes sentiments sont très confus.
J’aurai aimé le garder, mais les…


I had an abortion in which the place where i live illegalized the procedure. As…


I had an abortion and I got to say that it was the best decision I can ever…