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I had an abortion

2009 Canada (born in Canada)

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

What was your situation at this time?

How did other people react to your abortion?

My friends and family were all very supportive of my decision.

Do you have children?

What is your religion?


I had an abortion-it was a difficult decision...


The 10 weeks I was pregnant were the happiest weeks of my life. My husband


Miałam aborcje. Dzięki pomocy i wyrozumiałości women on web uda mi się to.


Don’t confuse ‘what ifs’ with regret.


Yo interrumpí un embarazo no deseado.


and I'm so relieved

Adriana Reyes

Hola mi nombre es Adriana tengo 22 años y soy estudiante de Pedagogía; quisiera…

elizabet campos

aborte hace 3 semanas y tenia un embarazo de 3 semanas nose aun si fue la…


*No podía ser* 11sem


i had an abortion


Y aunque todos los días piense que podría haber sido, fue la mejor decisión…

Anne Jellinek

I had two abortions in my life: one when I was 21 and newly married and one 8…

Tlhogi Tshegofaso

I did it when I was 4 weeks. Its was tremendously painful and horrific. The…


Basically I found out two weeks ago that I was pregnant, to my shock and awe…

Kristina Brandon

‪#‎StandWithPP‬ I never wanted kids. I got pregnant in college when I was 17.