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2007 United States (born in United States)

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s? relieved

I wish that I were in a situation where I could have a child, but that is not how my life is, and I'm glad I was able to make the best choice for the situation.

How did you do the abortion? with medicines

It was not so bad. Crampy and uncomfortable for a while, but overall ok. I blogged about it here:

What was your situation at this time? problems with my relationship, my personal reasons for not wanting a child

How did other people react to your abortion?

The people who knew were supportive, and I knew other women who had abortions that I could talk to. I was nervous about other people finding out though, because my family is religous and would not have approved.

I had an abortion and Blogged about it here:

Do you have children?

i have no children

What is your religion?

no religion