I had an abortion when i was 19, my pregnance was really unexpectated, i was studing out of home, and my boyfriend request me, because he didn't want the baby, when i told with my parents they were so angry with me, my dad donesn't like kids, and my mom always accept that he want's, so they told me that i can't finish my carrer if i had the baby... really i wasn't ready for that and my boyfriend disappear, so my parents gone with me to saw a doctor, and that is how my little problem disapear

2005 Mexico (born in Mexico)

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s? peaceful, angry, confused, in doubt, guilty, afraid

was something strange for me, i wasn't ready for that, and some times i asked me what happend if i had have my baby, but i think was the better option, because i can't be selfish for me neither with a little kid who would need all the time his first years

How did you do the abortion? in a clinic or hospital with surgery

was something strange, because i've never had been in any surgery, was my first time in a hospital, i was scare, because i didn't know what their had to do, but, the doctor told me all the medicins i need and the period of recuperation..

What was your situation at this time? my education, my age (too young or old), problems with my relationship

i was too young for have a kid, i was studing and my boyfriend wasn't a great help for me...

Did the illegality of your abortion affect your feelings?

kind of, because i was scarry, but now, i'm ok, and i know was the best option for me..

How did other people react to your abortion?

my friends, always support me, they acept that i want because is my body and my life, just my parents nows, my ex.boyfriend is irritared with me but, when he could do something he didn't stay with me, so he can have any opinion about my abortion

Do you have children?

i have no children

What is your religion?