International Safe Abortion Day 2021

Be a feminist abortion caregiver ( and a fab friend!) and give abortions to each other!

Until over-the-counter abortion pills are available everywhere and anywhere (for those who want them, of course!), we have to take care of our own and once again take matters into our own hands:  Let’s gift abortions to each other!

This International Safe Abortion Day, we’d like to make YOU the provider: we’re asking you to celebrate by gifting an abortion to someone! We provide access of up to 1000 abortions per month and today, we’d like to gift wrap 100 of them from you! That puts our goal at $10,000 and we can't do it without your help!

So, in the spirit of putting the wheels in motion for this brave new abortion world, we’re asking you to shift your thinking and consider each donation as a gift; gifting an abortion to someone you might know or care about. To your colleagues, to your friends, to your family, to your neighbours… to your community! Until abortion is just another medical procedure that we occasionally have to get, let’s make it as normal as possible. Access might be easy for you, but it isn’t for everyone. We’ve even created certificates so you can donate on behalf of someone! Let’s put the ‘feminist’ back in abortion provision and gift abortions in solidarity, for whatever reason; they’re all valid, and we know it.   

To give the gift of abortion care, please donate to our #takebacktheban campaign and take care of each other! 

Yours truly,

Women on Web