jessica azzi


i am having an abortion ,i am 3 weeks and a half pregnant ,i am taking cytotec ,i am so scared and just waiting to see what happens .the first day i started them ,light brown liquidi stuff started to come down from my vagina,then the second day ,dark brown stuff and clots started to come down,and on the same day a bit of blood came down with the brown stuff,it kept doing that till the third day ,then on the third day it became less and the blood stopped and the dark brown stuff continued.and now its only light brown liquidi stuff that are coming down.does that mean i had my abortion ? i am so scared to go get an echo cuz i am scared of the result please if anyone can help me

Lebanon (born in Lebanon)

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s? guilty, afraid, sad

i am feeling so scared and unpatient to find out if my abortion took place or not

How did you do the abortion? with medicines, by myself

its so discusting ,i hate inserting the pills in my vagina ,i keep getting paranoid that i didnt insert them in enough or that they might slip out again

How did other people react to your abortion?

only my sister and boyfriend knows ,and me and my boyfriend have been broken up for 10 days then my sister called him and told him,he was so surprised he didnt believe ,my sister started crying cuz she has to take all the pressure now,she keeps calling pharmacist and going to the pharmacist

What is your religion?