The Importance of Safe and Legal Abortion for Women

an experience in Honduras

In Honduras, abortion is restricted. Many women die yearly because they seek out unsafe means to terminate undesired pregnancies. When I was living in Honduras, I spent time volunteering at an orphange. At that orphanage I met so many amazing children, three of them were brothers. I developed a trust with the second oldest brother, and after some time, he began to talk to me about his life, and why he was an orphan.

The reason these brothers were orphaned was because many years back, their mother, who was alone and struggling to support the kids she already had, became pregnant.

Denied access to a safe and legal abortion in Honduras, she had a back alley abortion in an unsafe setting. This caused her to bleed to death. The fact that these amazing children lost their mother, and that this mother lost her life, because religious politicians deny women the right to choose whether or not they can have a child or not is unacceptable. Being in Honduras made me realize the importance of fighting for greater access to safe and legal abortion for all women internationally. It also made me realize how those of us who come from countries where abortion is safe and legal, need to take responsibilty to keep it that way.