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Most difficult choice I’ve ever made

2017 كندا

It was very hard at the time. Time went on and I brushed it up. It has slowly creeped back on me recenlty and effected my work and life. I was relieved and so hurt at the same time.

How did you do the abortion?

The women that worked at the clinic were kind and compassionate. Sadly, the experience felt like a slaughter house lineup. One after the other, girl after girl, one at a time to the back.

What was your situation at this time?

This is something we want, just not right now unfortunately. Money and work. The numbers were just not there for our schedules at the moment.

هل أثر الإجهاض غير القانوني على مشاعرك؟


كيف كان رد فعل الآخرين على إجهاضك؟

Only one person knew at the time. He was there for me at the beginning and talked me threw how it was for the better and we didn’t really talk about again.


What is your religion?

Louise Harper

I have had two abortions. One at the age of 22 which I paid privately for at 9…

mary cry

pior momento de minha vida


Aborcja w domu


Hace exactamente 1 año y dos meses. Arranque el 2017 con todo. Supe el día que…

Sabine Ryan

It's not as bad as you think. Please read my story!

Carolina pink

Abortar tambien es un acto de amor


I had a SUPER LATE abortion.


Una decisión consciente de vida

Karen vargas

Yo Decidí


No eres la única. No estás sola. Transformalo en algo positivo para tu vida.

Ania Kijawska

Mam dziecko, dom, męża zdecydowałam się na aborcję.

Ana Lu

e vida nova pela frente...


*No podía ser* 11sem


Nunca imaginei que precisaria passar por isso


Pense en el bienestar de los 2


interrumpi un embarazo de 6 semanas