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My first abortion took place when I was 19 and the second, when I was 26. I felt no guilt or shame about either and would do it again if necessary.


What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

It was as positive as any surgery can be.

What was your situation at this time?

I don't want to have children for the simple reason that I just don't want to.

Het die onwettigheid van u aborsie u gevoelens beïnvloed?

While my abortion was legal, it angered me that abortion was still governed by provisions in the Crimes Act in the state in which I lived.

Hoe het ander mense op u aborsie gereageer?

My mother and the friends I told were supportive - as were the two boyfriends concerned. I suspect my father would have had issues had he known.


What is your religion?


Women's bodies belong only to us. Men, families, society, have no right to…


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It's your choice.


No eres la única. No estás sola. Transformalo en algo positivo para tu vida.

Willem Velthoven

I had several abortions. And children too!


Grow Yourself, Before You Grow a Baby.


This is something that was necessary for me but most definitely the hardest and…


yo encauce mi destino...


Y lo volvería a hacer, habia terminado con mi ex pololoy el era super…

Amy Martinez

I had an abortion

Vanessa Behrens

Decisión personal

Marta M.

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