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Never had any regrets

2011 United Kingdom

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

The experience was fine. The nurses and staff at the clinic were very friendly. I was on a ward with 10 or so other women who were having an abortion that day. It was a good experience as we got to share our stories. I had to stay overnight to make sure everything was fine. My boyfriend at the time came to visit and was very supportive throughout.

What was your situation at this time?

I was 23 at the time, half way through my studies and working overseas at the time. I could not have given a child the kind of home that I think every child deserves to grow up happy, healthy and supported, and it would have messed up my life to a great extend. I would not have been able to finish my education which would have had an enormous effect on my life and that of the child. I never had any regrets what so ever.

Hoe het ander mense op u aborsie gereageer?

People were understanding and sympathetic


What is your religion?


Yo aborte en Chile, en pandemia gracias a Wow

sogoodtobebad stassia

Dziewczyny ! nie bójcie się ! nie taki diabeł straszny jak go malują. Jeżeli…


한국에 계신 분들 걱정마십쇼!! 낙심하시 마시고 자신을 믿으세요!


Yo aborte


I felt it was accapted to have an abortion

Charlotte Sigler

I had an abortion


A cry of freedom for all women who are dictated by the mentality of the norms…

Cristina Lima

Fiz um aborto.


Yo interrumpí un embarazo no deseado.

Alaska Young

A veces es necesario.


Minha história começa com o sonho de cursar medicina no Brasil, o que é muito…

Aguaperdida Pam

Fue una decisión muy difícil pero estoy segura de que fue la mejor.
Un embarazo


Historia jest dosyć banalna i podejrzewam, że nie ja jedna zaszłam w taki…


Yo aborté a las 7 semanas y fue la mejor decisión.


Miałam aborcję


I got pregnant at age 44 after a birth control failure. I am so blessed to…