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I had 4 abortions and I’m not ashamed

2020 United States

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

unruly. unapologetic I am not ashamed. If you are a woman needing someone to talk to message me on Instagram. Hate speech will be blocked.

How did you do the abortion?

I did the pill abortion 4 dif times. Not much pain just period cramps and bleeding. I’ve done it at 4 weeks up to 10 weeks. I am not ashamed or in regret. I didn’t want those babies cause of who the dad was And that’s okay. Yes I went on to have 2 beautiful daughters and I am a great mom.

What was your situation at this time?

How did other people react to your abortion?

I personally don’t care cause it’s nobody’s business but mine.


What is your religion?

Angel M

To była 3 ciąża nieplanowana i niechciana, przede wszystkim przeze mnie. Głupia…


Because I could barely provide for the child I had already.

Flor de Luna

Piloto automático, pero no me arrepiento


Minor blip overcome thanks to Women on Web

Lucero Lucero

Creo que por fin tuve control de mi vida.


J'ai avorté suite à ma grossesse arrêtée à 8 semaines


Order right away. Pill will arive after 10 days.



Almma Crysta

Supe de mi embarazo el 19 de enero de 2018 por una ecografía transvaginal que…


Stało się, nie udany związek, grube problemy z aktualnym jeszcze partnerem a i…


Sou dona de mim.


This isn't my first abortion.... :'( My second one I am currently scheduled for.


Toda mulher tem direito à um aborto seguro, não importa quais sejam seus…


I had two...it was not a hard decision, and I'm glad I did it. Now, I'm a…


Aunque me cueste decirlo, yo aborté


Yo he estado en las dos caras de la moneda, cuando tenia 16 años quede…


Nie wstydzę się tego, że jestem teraz szczęśliwa!!!


A cry of freedom for all women who are dictated by the mentality of the norms…